hysterectomy · thoughts · transition

hysterectomy thoughts

Hysterectomy has been weighing on my mind the past few days. The more research I do, the more clarity I have over my decision to move forward with the procedure.

I have been feeling a heavy sensation in my lower abdomen, mostly in the evening. I occasionally get what’s called ovary cramps, sharp pain on the left or right hand side, it’s usually the left most times.

I never thought I’d be organising a hysterectomy so soon, I initially had no plans to do any surgery relating to transition this year. It’s thrown me for the loop but I am excited.

Because once it is done, all that is left is the final surgery(ies), phalloplasty in the UK, hopefully under the NHS.

For the first time in my life, I am thrilled and content with the direction my life is heading.


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