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top surgery | fifteen days post-op

15 Days Post-Op:

Hiya, haven’t updated this little corner in awhile!

Everything is going well. I do sometimes wake up in the morning and notice my chest feels tender but when I sit up and move around, it goes away.

I have to remind myself not to get ahead of myself too much. I thought I would be up for meeting up with people and socialising but I just haven’t had the energy to be able to. Just managing the public transport to the doctor’s clinic, getting old tape torn off, old blood cleaned off, fresh layer of ointment on nipples and new tape put on and by the time I’ve reached home, all I want to do is lay down and rest, sometimes I’m even a little grumpy because my chest is all mad at me again lol. Chest, it’s for the greater good!

I will be going to visit my friend on Wednesday for an art session though, it will be nice to see my friends and dabble in artistic stuff!

I saw them today for my post-op appointment. I was concerned about a possible infection of the left nipple but turns out the slight oozing on the bandages are normal and it’s just the ointment on the nipple coming off onto the bandage.

I also got to see my nipples close-up for the first time, yay! My left nipple had a lot of the old blood that just fell away when rubbed with a cotton bud, I got to see how pink it looked, the areolar and the nipple in the middle… it looks a little puffy but oh my god, it is perfect. I cannot wait until it settles down and returns to my natural nipple colour… although… I don’t mind having pink nipples forever!

Swelling is still very obvious but healing is going well!

Written on 7th July 2015

After Post-Op Check-up appointment:

Went to see surgeon, he said everything has healed up nicely and that I can resume normal activities – wahoo!!!

I see him in three months for a check-up. I’m so happy with how everything looks, I like how pink my nipples look!

If I had to be nitpicky, I wish the nipple poked out on my right one like my left nipple instead of staying flat. BUT I have noticed after a shower or under different lighting, I can see a very slight raised nipple.

The nipples are also different pinks, my right one is far lighter than the left one. I’m hoping they may settle into closer colours as time goes on.

But like I said, it is being nitpicky, just aesthetic concerns on my part. I’m very pleased with the results and feel like a new person.

Written on 26th July 2015

“I’m very pleased with the results and feel like a new person.”

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