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top surgery | four days post-op

4 Days Post-Op:

Been trying to be careful with my body, I had caught my body subconsciously putting my hands above my head while sleeping, it happened three-four times and in my half-asleep state, I noticed the immediate second I was doing it and put my arms back down straight away. I didn’t have this problem in the hospital, but I suppose in the comfort of my own bed and no longer having drains, my body has slipped back into its old habits. Thankfully there hasn’t been any bleeding, the swelling has grown a bit but I’m told swelling is normal and the nurse said it will take a few weeks to settle down. It’s gone from pecs to small boobies lol hey I’m ok with this, the tomboy in me is quite pleased to have itty bitties for the first time.

Pain is still pretty much gone, discomfort is getting increasingly noticeable though. More sensation of sparks dancing across my left chest. I was concerned about my right chest not getting much of that sensation and I must have jinxed it because it gave a tingle shortly after I thought that lol I am worried because there was a lot of bleeding on the 2nd day post-op near the right nipple, even though it has dried I’m still worried about the nipple, if it’s OK under there. If it was dead, I assume it would be stinking up a storm. The doc didn’t seem concerned when he first saw the old blood, he said it’s near the edge and it is dried, so it’s fine. I’ll take his word for it and hope come Monday morning that everything’s OK.

I slip between forgetting I had boobs to forgetting I’ve had top surgery haha, forgetting I’ve had boobs is a weird feeling because its becoming natural to have this chest, like I’ve always had it, envisioned it so clearly in my mind and self-image… now that it’s here, it just feels natural.

Really pleased I’ve had this surgery. It’s life-changing in more ways than one.

And I stink. I haven’t been able to use deodorant so whenever I lift my armpits, I get bam, manly BO right in da face. Feel like this…

[Author’s Note: Turns out the smell most likely was the dried old blood on my bandages.]


Ha, I’m looking forward to a relaxing bath tonight.

Hispanic man in bubble bath blowing bubbles

Note to self… I need to buy rubber duckies…!

Written on 26th June 2015


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