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top surgery | seven days post-op

7 Days Post-Op: (Old Bandages)

I have been a bit concerned, I guess, about my chest? I hate the thought of being a transguy who obsesses and worries over his chest when in all likelihood, there’s nothing wrong.

My left side of my chest is gaining more sensation and tingly stuff than my right. My left nipple has certainly been letting me know of its existence more so than my right.

My right side of my chest loves to buzz and hum more so than my left, I will get tingly and some sensation but it appears to be minimal compared to the left side. Some occasions, they will both hum and buzz together at the same time.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions as in all likelihood, I have a feeling my right side of my chest is simply delayed in terms of developing sensation. I think they may have done my left side first in surgery, that might be important to remember.

I am sure that if my nipples have died and infection spread in my chest, that I would not be typing this at this moment, that I would be very sick and likely rushed to emergency. I have been religiously checking my temperature the past few days and it has been showing just slightly below normal body temperature so there is no fever to indicate possible infection.

I noticed last night that the surrounding skin around my left nipple has a brownish-orange-ish tint? I thought it was redness or bruising, I didn’t notice it earlier. Comparing the 4 Day & 7 Day Post-Op, I can see that the left nipple has protruded a bit, that could be more swelling.

All in all, I will try not to stress too much. After all, it takes a very long time to gain complete sensation and personally, I am thrilled that I get sparks and tingles of sensation before it was even a week post-op.

I will update you all after the appointment and let you all know what the surgeon has to say about my chest healing or if there are any concerns.

7 Days Post-Op: (New Bandages)

Post-Op appointment! One of the nurses got me to come to the examination room and for some reason, my body language must have been read as apprehensive because she said that she’s not scary and not going to bite me lol. I laughed and said nah, it’s all good.

The old bandages came off – geez, I think they pulled out a good chunk of chest hair they were that sticky, nothing like a wax lol! She snipped some of the stray stitches, luckily I had read earlier that at the end of the incisions, there is sometimes a stray piece of absorbable suture that doesn’t absorb and simply needs to be snipped away. The tape over the incisions were removed.

Just felt slight tugging, no pain. That area of my chest is very numb. The surgeon came in, he asked if I was happy with the result, I said “Yup!” He grinned, saying “That’s good!” and went to assess my chest and checked the chest tissue for any lumps of excess blood, I assume. He said everything’s good. He did something to my nipples, must have removed the bandage that was covering them. He asked about the dried blood while he was removing it, when it happened and I replied that it happened while I was in hospital. It must have jogged his memory because he had the penny drop moment and went, “A-ha, yes, that’s right.”

He placed a container of cotton buds on my stomach and said he was going to use me as a table. I laughed and said, “Okay!”

He told the nurse a bunch of medical jargon that flew over my head, must have been the ointment stuff he has to put on my nipples. I asked if everything was okay and he said, yup, it’s all good. He finished putting the ointment on my nipples and on went new, thinner strips of tape/bandages. I was ready to go!

I pulled my shirt back on and he must have seen my cringe reaction as I was gently putting my arm into the other sleeve. He asked if I was still tentative and I said yeah. He says I used to have boobs, now I don’t anymore, it’s a big change. I agreed.

I see him again on Thursday for another follow-up appointment.

Written on 29th June 2015


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