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top surgery | three days post-op

3 Days Post-Op:

The surgeon saw me and is quite happy for me to go home so I got the drains removed, the nurse undid the suction effect and waited 10 minutes, she says this helps make the process of removing drains less painful. I didn’t feel any pain at all when she removed them, just felt the pulling sensation from the skin surrounding the area, that wasn’t painful either. It was a pleasant surprise as I had dreaded drain removal due to hearing many people’s painful experience with them.

Had a quick shower and got changed into comfy clothes again, had to pick up my oxy (the good stuff to help me sleep, yeeeeesss), the surgeon doesn’t want me to change the dressings or anything, he will do that on Monday. I can take panadol or panadeine during the day and one oxy before going to sleep. Sounds like a good plan to me.  My dad was waiting for me in the hotel foyer (fun tip: Mount Bay Hospital used to be a hotel called Riverside Lodge… I didn’t know that, no wonder it looks so fancy haha) and he took me home.

My sister came over with her son, we had a bit of lunch. She had lots of questions, like if I was in any pain. Surprisingly, there is little actual pain, just mild discomfort if I move the wrong way. My dad had a few questions, just how long until I’ll be mobile again and what drugs are ok to take. Its nice to see my family caring about my recovery. My sis asked about my scars, what they looked like as she was leaving and I said I didn’t know and joked, why, do you wanna look. I told dad that when I first saw my chest, I couldn’t see my nipples so I thought they forgot to put them on!! But then I saw them through the bandage and all’s good. Dad got a good laugh out of that!

Written on 25th June 2015


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