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top surgery | three months post-op timeline

Photo timeline from Pre-Op to 3 Months Post-Op

The past week or so, been having dull aching in my chest at random moments and I feel (painless but weird-feeling) stretching when I try to push heavy object above my head into the pantry.

My left nipple that is pink, will sometimes go white at times but it returns to the normal pink colour. I will ask the surgeon if this means anything when I see him for the follow-up appointment on 22nd October.

I also would like to get the nipple on my right side to be poking out instead of flat. I’m still deciding whether I should get the left pink nipple to be tattooed the same colour as the right.

All of above is really just aesthetic concerns but if I can get them fixed, it will nice to look at my reflection and not have to nitpick the small details.

Very happy regardless.

Written on 8th October 2015


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