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top surgery | two days post-op

2 Days Post-Op:

Feeling lots better now that the nausea has almost cleared up and off the fluids and pain relief pump onto oral painkillers.

Have felt some tingling almost like sparks of electricity dancing across my chest, no doubt it is my nerves waking up or reconnecting.

The surgeon saw me yesterday (Wednesday) and was quite happy for me to go home. When he first came into the room after asking hi how are you, etc he asked “are you happy with the results?” With a huge grin, like he’s ecstatic to be able to help me become more comfortable in my body… i thought that was really nice haha. A lot of the nurses have told me that there hasn’t been anyone who wasn’t unhappy with their results. One nurse said she was very excited for me and said that in two weeks, my chest will settle down (the swelling I assume) and it will look much better.

He asked if I wanted to go home late Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I opted for Thursday morning because nobody would be able to pick me up since my parents work late evening-night on Wednesday. Plus I didn’t want to leave the hospital too soon, wanted to stay a bit longer just to safe than sorry.

He said okay and that he’ll see me in the morning. He’s such a polite friendly surgeon.

Just looking at my chest its probably way too early as any bruising may happen later on but what I’ve seen so far is very clean, meticulate work. I even got to see my left nipple, saw the dark brown shape visible through the white bandages.

The nurse just came in as I was eating breakfast (got a bit more of my appetite back yay!) And she checked my drains. I have 40ML on both sides, she said the surgeon generally prefers the drains to have 30ML or less, so he would be able to advise if I go home or stay. She asked if I wanted to go home or stay and I expressed that I would like to stay until it’s safe to go home.

Written on 24th June 2015



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