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UK Plans & Phallo

If you follow me regularly, you will know I have plans to move to the UK early 2018, after completing Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. I am moving over there to start a new life, to reside and work within the UK under the Ancestry Visa (My Grandmother is UK-born citizen and she brought her birth certificate is here in Australia, she turns 92 this year, which makes her birth year 1924!)

I am hoping to move to either Bristol or Leeds area. My plan is to move into a one bedroom flat. I hope to room with LGBT friendly folks, if not, that’s okay.

Since I am hearing impaired, I am going to make the effort to learn how to use the phone as I will be independent while in the UK and cannot rely on my parents to use the phone for me. I have a cochlear implant on the left side and hearing aid on the right. I have used the phone in the past but it was awful audio quality through my hearing aids and made my difficulty to hear people even more amplified than before. My hope is with the CI I will be able to hear people more clearly and be able to maintain a conversation consistently without going “What?” every time they say something!

I also aim to have my drivers license. I currently have a learners permit. My dream car to drive in the UK would have to be a Mini S Cooper. 🙂

I also need to get my birth certificate sex marker changed to male as the process to change one’s sex marker in the UK is a long, frustrating process, whereas it is easier to do in Australia. It helps that my passport also displays M but I would have to renew it before my trip as, if my memory serves correctly. I believe it expires in 2018.

Having had the hysterectomy done, I feel I am one step closer to feeling complete. It is indescribable how much of a weight has lifted off my shoulders, knowing the heaviness in my lower abdomen that disturbed me for months on end… it was gone post-op. Absolutely indescribable. I was in a state of euphoria, bliss and utter excitement for what the future holds for me. I began writing a bucket list, weird I know, but I felt I had a new lease on life, I had all these things I want to do now.

I intend to have a radial forearm flap phalloplasty with the UK team. I am aware the waiting lists are long but I believe since I am literally 3/4 done with my transition, I won’t have to wait as long as others who are at the bottom of the ladder, so to speak. I simply love how there are UK folks who are Debbie Downers about the UK NHS system… they love to whinge and complain about their system when in fact, come to Australia, you will be grateful and appreciate what you have when it is compared to incompetent, outdated doctors in Western Australia, in a health care system that where doctors charge a fortune above the normal fees.

People tell me the waiting times are bad… yeah, I’ll wait. Waiting for free phalloplasty is a hundred times better than me trying to desperately save 70k on my own in a country where there is zero qualified surgeons who perform phalloplasty to international’s standards. I can see dysphoria eating me alive before I am able to save the entire amount nessecary. In my own country where many, not all, transmen kiss the idea of bottom surgery goodbye because it is simply unattainable, they just “accept” what they have and move on with life. I cannot do this, the female anatomy gives me too much dysphoria to be able to simply accept it.

So my to-do list for the next year and a half is:

  • Become confident at communication using phones
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Renew my passport (if needed)
  • Change my birth certificate sex marker & get Gender Recognition Certificate
  • Continue following my keto diet, achieving my ideal body weight.
  • Complete Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

Thank you for reading, I may do more updates like this to clear my head of these thoughts. See you next time!



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