All my life, I have struggled with my identity in a general sense.

But for the most part, I am fairly certain of my gender identity.

My gender identity is genderless, commonly known as agender.

[ I previously identified as transguy but found I don’t identify with male or female, I have no personal definition of what it means to be a male or female… However, I feel unquestionably male in terms of how I feel my brain is structured and how much of male exists within my sexuality.

My gender expression is androgynous with strong feminine aspects.

[ I like to consider myself as a person who looks like a girl but is anatomically a boy. ]

[ For example: A trap or a femboy. ]

I was assigned female at birth with ambiguous genitalia (enlarged clitoris), the doctors initially were going to perform “correction/normalisation” surgery but thankfully, decided against it.

[ Normalisation surgery has and in some countries, continued to be performed on intersex infants. It has been condemned by the medical community as barbaric. ]

My physical sex must be male in order to alleviate the body dysphoria I experience due to the female secondary sexual characteristics I was born with.

My physical sex is linked to how I identify myself in my sexuality and sexual behaviour.

[ I identify as FTM or a transguy in terms of the physical transition from female to male. ]