This is an aspect of my transition that deviates from the traditional transgender male narrative.

I yearn to express myself as a feminine male, body and all.

Laser hair removal/Electrolysis:
Goal: Facial hair and all body hair eliminated except eyebrows and head hair.

I intend to use Laser hair removal to eliminate all body hair and facial hair. What does not get removed, I will have attacked by electrolysis.

Diet & Exercise:
Goal: A slender, fit body.

I will focus on losing weight to achieve a slender, fit body, the one thing I am thankful for is that my body has a female bone structure. I hope that this makes my goal of achieving an androgynous body more possible.

Goal: To feminize my body

One possibility is post-phalloplasty, I am strongly considering using estrogen to feminize my body. By then, I will no longer have the female reproductive organs or my body’s natural state of female hormones, causing my mental state to deteriorate from violent dysphoria.

13 January 2016 Update:
I initially was going to have a hysterectomy but leaving the ovaries in to have the chance to retain my body’s natural state of estrogen should I wish to go off  T at a later date. I have since done research and found one FAAB’s experience of keeping their ovaries in, that they experienced the period hormonal cycle shifts without the period itself (since uterus was removed).

This was a huge deal-breaker for me as the hormonal cycles estrogen goes through with the other hormones around the menstruation and ovulation, it is what caused a huge deal of dysphoria for me pre-HRT. It is not a risk I’m willing to take in order to feminize my body. I will have to achieve a feminine body with non-hormone means, which may just be diet/exercise and if it comes to it, surgery.

That being said, I still think a low dose of estrogen post-hysterectomy is ideal for me, as I have heard a low dose of estrogen helps maintain balance in mood and metabolism.