I was allowed to begin hormones in August 2011 after turning 22.

I was put on Primoteston which was 1ML for every three weeks, if I remember correctly. I did this for a year and a half until my levels became stable enough and I, myself, was comfortable enough to progress to a higher dose.

Primoteston made me very sensitive to the crash on the third week, I would be a huge emotional mess unless I got my next dose immediately. Apparently, this is common.

I was introduced to Reandron which is a 4ML dose taken every three months. The crash in-between doses became non-existent and it was a welcome change to not have to remember to take a dose every three weeks, but instead, every three months.

I have been on hormones for five years, it has been greatly effective at reducing my dysphoria. I no longer experience violent outbursts,  mood-swings and suicidal tendencies that came regularly while I was on my body’s natural state of hormones.

Having menstruation suppressed was the biggest relief as I was hypersensitive to the hormone cycles before, during and after menstruation. It caused my dysphoria and distress to soar to high levels.

My dysphoria has become situated solely on my genitalia, it becomes worse every passing day. I try my best to distract myself and keep myself focused on my life goals, such as studying, keeping my social life flourishing, seeking to finish transitioning in the UK and dabble in my new-found hobby of snorkelling and filming fish underwater…

This will keep me stable until phalloplasty becomes a reality.