My plan is to get a total laparoscopic hysterectomy in Perth with a gynaecologist, Dr. Roger Perkins in early-mid 2016.

13 January 2016:

I will visit my psychiatrist on 25 February to pick up a letter confirming my stability in mental health, general life and decision to move forward with hysterectomy as part of my gender transition. This letter will allow my GP to create a referral to see Roger Perkins for a consultation. If the consultation goes well, I will be able to book the surgery in.

I initially had concerns about removing the ovaries as I would like the possibility to go off T at a later date but after reading over another FAAB individual’s experience where they kept their ovaries, they experienced the period cycle shifts in hormones, just no bleeding as their uterus & cervix was removed.

This experience shook me and it is not a risk I want to take. As much as I would like feminizing effects to achieve the femboy appearance, I’m not willing to allow estrogen to have any more harm on my mental state as it did to extreme lengths in the past.

I will just have to seek non-hormone means to feminize my body.

25 February 2016:

I saw my psychiatrist and he is going to find a doctor on the public health system who can do the hysterectomy covered under the public health system (it means waiting but it will be free of cost). I have mixed feelings and would rather go private but he said if he can’t find anyone, he will write out a letter that my GP can use to produce a referral for Dr. Roger Perkins. The letter will be sent sometime next week.

I will update this when I have contacted my GP. Very excited to get the ball rolling.

10 March 2016:

I received the letter and got a morning appointment to see the GP in order for him to turn it into a referral. I wanted Dr. Perkins’ office to get the paperwork ASAP so they could contact me to schedule an appointment.

This was on a Thursday, I faxed the paperwork over to their office the same day, hoping they would call back that afternoon. It didn’t happen, thought they would call on Friday, nope. All I can hope is that they will ring Monday morning or sometime during the week.

Will update as soon as I have received the call back.

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